Henry Piorun Models is one of the world's most respected manufacturers of high quality aircraft kits for precision aerobatics competition.

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(From Henry) - Piorun Models has been in business since 1987 supplying the competition pattern pilot with the highest quality kits available today. This is a one man cottage industry. The advantage of this is that I have total control over the quality of the kits I produce. I am a perfectionist in this aspect of my life and if I wouldn't use it myself, I don't ship it out.

The fiberglass fuselages are laid up from a heat and impact resistant vinylester resin, combining many of the good properties of epoxy and polyester based resins. All fuses are carbon fibre reinforced and have seams that will not crack under virtually any circumstance. All fuses come with a factory installed prealigned fiberglass socket for the aluminum wing joiner tube. This saves many hours of tricky aligning work over kits that don't have this feature. All foam parts are squared and trued and cut on a marble table to ensure absolute accuracy. Any woodwork in the prebuilt kits is done with contest grade balsa and is the highest quality in the business.

As far as I know, I was the originator of honeycombing wings in pattern airplanes. I started this in 1982 and it was then commercially offered with my Eclipse in 1987. I have read with interest many of the pros and cons of honeycombing by various writers. I do have some advice for those of you who may be thinking about using this option in a future project. An airplane can be made to fly well with or without honeycombing, there is no question about that. But if you are striving to build the lightest Airplane you can, then honeycombing can and will (if done correctly) save between 3 OZ - 5 OZ depending on the size of the wing. The good part is: all this weight is removed from the wing and airplanes do fly better with light wings than with heavy wings. Durability is arguably decreased with honeycombing, remember that the structure is now approximately 75% hollow; however, with normal use and a little common sense they will last as long as a solid wing. Strength of the landing gear and wing tube areas are unaffected.

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